Now all candidates must submit a RESUME to the COMELEC website with their platforms and background and all important information that will help voters make informed decisions this coming election. All information indicated in the resume must be accurate or else candidates will face penalties of disqualification.

Imagine for a moment if those rules above are implemented by the COMELEC. Will the voters be able to make better decisions in the coming elections? Definitely!

If I am the COMELEC chairman I would require all politicians to submit a resume as a requirement to filing their certificates of candidacy.

If people who apply for jobs undergo a strict hiring process like submitting resumes, shouldn’t politicians applying for a very important public position also undergo a strict hiring process – by the people?

In my opinion, here is what a typical candidate’s resume should contain:

-Political objective or platforms for the upcoming election 
-What does the candidate hope to do should he win the election?
<This will allow us to check whether the candidate has indeed fulfilled his platforms and can be the basis if we should re-elect the candidate in future elections.>

-Educational Background and Honors & Awards 
-Background Prior to Running as Politician and Awards & Recognitions Received
<This would allow us to see whether the candidate has background or expertise in fulfilling his platform. This would also allow us to see whether the candidate is brilliant and hardworking.>

-Affiliated Societies, Fraternities and other Organizations (Rotary, Business Clubs, etc) 
<This would allow us to identify conflicts of interests with the future projects of the candidate and will also allow us to see whether the candidate has a hard for extra curricular activities on his extra time.>

-Work experience/history prior to becoming a politician
<This will allow us to see whether the candidate has the capacity and experience to fulfill their platform and the experience to fulfill the requirements of the position applied for.>

-Political experience/history 
-What were the projects or bills that this politician has authored?
<This will allow us to see what the candidate has been doing in his previous position as a politician.>

-Businessess owned and other interests 
<Very important especially for businessmen who are running as politicians to identify whether the project is only done to help their businesses.>

-Cases filed against candidate, past and present with results of the cases 
<This will help us in assessing the kind of candidate running.>

-List of names of incumbent politicians or government officials who they have family and blood relations 
<This will help us spot political dynasties.>

-History of political parties joined and current political party affiliated
<Some politicians have been joining different parties transferring from one party to another. This will allow us to spot the balimbings.>

Yes it is true that dumb politicians are not the problem but dumb people who vote for them.

So COMELEC, please help us make better decisions on who to vote? Pretty please? Share or like my post so the COMELEC will know our request.


*What other information do you think should be added in the resume? Comment below!



Mark Joseph T. Fernandez, CPA, RFC, AFA is the founder of FinancePH and is one of the top financial advisors of Insular Life. He has helped hundreds of people start saving, investing and insuring. Aside from spreading financial literacy his wildest dream is to be senator at age 40. Reach him at

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