Kids can forget that their mothers are people too.

Kids can forget that their mothers were young once, that they had hopes and dreams, amazing talents, that they sometimes had maybe a little too much fun with a few drinks. All the kids may see is the woman who gets up at a precise time each day, unfailingly preparing the laundry and breakfast for the entire household, occasionally nagging, often right about how that thing you want to do isn’t going to end well.

Conversely, kids can also forget that their mothers aren’t gods. Mothers once rebelled against their own parents in the best ways they knew how, lost friends, suffered failures such as bad grades and broken hearts, got passed over at job interviews and parent officer elections, got yelled at by the boss in the office, fell for a couple of scams. Even far into motherhood, they may still be going through all these things–some are just better at hiding it from their kids than others. Imagine balancing all that with keeping a household together and taking care of kids!

So the next time you’ve got some time alone with your Mom, ask her questions about her past, like the time she took part in a significant event in Philippine history.  Or if you’d rather not discuss heavy matters, ask her about the places she used to live when she was single. Ask her about her ex-boyfriends or what your father did to court her. Ask her about the schools she applied to and the one she loved best. Ask her about the jobs she applied to and the career she dreamed of. Ask, ask, ask — while you still can.

Budgeting to make ends meet is right up the alley of Moms. They make daily decisions on trade-offs given a family’s limited financial resources.  Even if she talks only about the mistakes she made, that would already be worth a ton of wisdom.

One other thing that Moms are, is that they are probably more risk averse than Dads. As such, they would be the best resource for learning how to manage downside risks through guaranteed protection like life insurance.  Dads may counter; but you balance it out.  There is genuine wisdom in protecting your downside since making more money through investing, an activity that would probably be more in the sphere of Dads, bears no guarantees.  We will talk more about the roles of Dads in the blogs for the month of June.

For now, know that in His infinite wisdom, the Good Lord assigns areas of expertise to each parent. If you give weight to each parent’s advice based on their expertise, you will hardly go wrong in life.

​(Originally written by Efren Ll. Cruz, RFP at

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