Minsan, ang tax ay parang pag-ibig, bigay ka ng bigay pero minsan wala ka naman palang mapapala. #Hugot. Here is what happened during our Senate Hearing on Estate Taxes. Our BELATED valentines day episode will also answer the question: Ano ang Estate Tax at Bakit importante ito sa pag unland ng isang bansa? Sana maayos ang pag gamit ng gobyerno ng tax natin.

When I was invited by the Senators to give my position on Estate Tax, everyone was saying yes to reducing tax on inheritance from 20% to 6% not realizing that this is a pro rich decision. Everytime we reduce taxes on the dead such as Estate Tax, we are actually saying yes to increasing taxes on the living. That is why there will be increases in taxes for oil, sugar, cars, salt and VAT modifications. Why reduce taxes on the dead and increase taxes on the living when you can improve tax collection on the dead so you do not need to tax the living more?