We all have experienced times where one of our gadgets gets destroyed. The easiest way would always be to buy a new one but is it really a financially sound decision?
Vic is probably one of the best guys I know who can repair almost any gadget.
Last week I went to greenhills to have one tab repaired. The battery is dead and if you unplug it from the power, the tab turns off.
At first I was thinking, I might need to buy a new tab. But the spendthrift personality in me started to activate. “Why don’t I have this first repaired?”
I went to greenhills and scouted for VIC. He has been repairing my gadgets for the longest time.
I really thought that the gadget might be hard to repair since the battery is embedded in the tab. But to my surprise Vic was able to repair my tab. And I only spent a very small amount for the repair versus buying another which would cost me several thousands! Aprub!
​So the next time you think of replacing your old gadgets, think of VIC the great repair guy in greenhills. You may reach him at 0933 359 0181.



Mark Joseph T. Fernandez, CPA, RFC, AFA is the founder of FinancePH and is one of the top financial advisors of Insular Life. He has helped hundreds of people start saving, investing and insuring. Aside from spreading financial literacy his wildest dream is to be senator at age 40. Reach him at mjtfernandez@gmail.com.

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