How would you feel if 2 of your good church friends died? Im referring to two friends who were all very healthy and in their late 20s.

There are so many questions running in my head.

Why do good people die so early? Why not those criminals?

How could they die when they are so young?

But who are we to question the great plans of our creator. I know the Lord has laid out his plans. One way or another eveything has to end.

In the mean time we just have to continue our mission and our purpose. Everyone has one. Some find it early and some don’t. Some get to fulfill their purposes in their lifetime, some don’t. Life has to go on.

It was indeed too early. One of the biggest shock of my life this year. We will still see each other soon someday.

Time is the scarcest resource one has. Time spent you can never recover.

All roads always have an ending.

So make sure you use your time on earth wisely.



Mark Joseph T. Fernandez, CPA, RFC, AFA is the founder of FinancePH and is one of the top financial advisors of Insular Life. He has helped hundreds of people start saving, investing and insuring. Reach him at

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