We commonly have a misconception that faith can only be exercised on a one time big time basis. But, we are wrong. Sometimes or most of the time, faith is tested in simple situations like being able to sit in mrt or ride in a bus that looks full. 

Few nights ago, I was on my way to a client. I have to ride a bus. But the bus looks full so some ladies in front of me stopped and chose to wait for another one. And here I was, wondering what to do. Am I going to follow the crowd? If I do I have to spend more than 10mins again and I will definitely be late to a client meeting. And that doesn’t sound right so I decided to take a leap of faith and believe there is still a seat for me inside. And God never failed to amaze me, I found a very comfortable seat.

The story may sound so ordinary. But this ordinary event, taught me to take a leap even if others don’t; to be successful even if others chose to stepback and wait for a moment; and, to believe that God is faithful even in the simplest things. Jesus kept on emphasizing that we should have a childlike faith, believing no matter what. Continue believing cause faith is not based on your feelings.


Mica Austria studied at De la Salle- Lipa with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. She passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensure exam on October 2010. She worked as a senior associate in Isla Lipana & Co. Auditing Firm from October 2010 to May 2013. Afterwards, she worked as an audit supervisor in Cebu Pacific Air for one year before fully dedicating her time as a Financial Advisor. She chose to pursue this profession because of its mission and purpose in the society which is to uplift the lives of the Filipinos thru financial literacy and planning.

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