​Many moons ago, I decided to buy flowers for my wife as a surprise.

So while it was still dawn and my better half was still sleeping, I sneaked out of the house to purchase the blooms that would dazzle her as soon as she opened her eyes. You must understand though that I wanted it to be surprise.  Thus, I could not buy the flowers the previous day because it would be impossible to hide it from the mother of my children.  I also could not drive to a flower shop early in the morning because flower shops would still be closed.

I, therefore, had no choice but to buy the flowers from the wet market or “palengke” near our home.  Our wet market at that time was not that developed. In fact, the parking lot in front of market was not paved and was often muddy.  But the bigger reason why I wanted to buy the flowers from the wet market was that I could get the flowers at a fraction of what they would cost from a swanky flower shop.

So after buying multi-colored flowers spaced by baby’s breath and wrapped in a clear plastic, as flower retailers in the wet market are not really experts in floral arrangements, I placed the blossoms at our bedside table, sure that it would be one of the first things that my wife would see when she woke up.


And it was a success. My wife was bright-eyed after she saw my surprise.  I was sure to have a stress-free day then because as they say, a happy wife is a happy life. That was until my wife saw how muddied our car tires were.  She then casually asked me where I bought the flowers.

Without thinking things through, I blurted, “sa paleng…flower shop!” Busted!

Flowers are flowers, no matter where they are bought. Perhaps the quality of the arrangement will be a dead giveaway as to how much was spent in acquiring them. But the message is clear.  A gift of flowers for a mother not only symbolizes love for her but also the honor that is due her for being the beautiful guiding light of the family. After all, there is a saying in Filipino that goes, “ang mga ina ang ilaw ng tahanan.”

By the way, my wife did let me have a nice day after all even with my cheap or shall I say inexpensive ways.

Here’s to flower power for the mothers.

(Originally written by Efren Ll. Cruz, RFP at http://www.savingstips.com.ph)

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