Worlds oldest supermodel, Daphne Selfe

There is this grandmother who celebrated her eightieth birthday. I will quote part of the toast given her:

“Her actions in life could have as well earned for her the moniker “the carrier”, and not of the sickness or air conditioner type.

She carried the heart of her husband for 15 loving years. She was smitten by his beautiful mind while he by her charms. And while the Lord has since taken him back, she remains loyal to her husband to this day.

She carried her three children from their conception all the way to the present. Despite having lost her husband early and no meaningful experience in business, she was still able to provide well for her children, taking on any work she could find.  She had been a jeweler, drapes maker, an overseas Filipino caregiver, as well as local pharmacist, beauty parlor proprietor, money lender and more.

And as if her hands were not already full, she still found time to carry one more child in a granddaughter whom she treated like her own direct offspring.

You name it: studies; courtships; heartaches; finances; health challenges. She was always there to carry her family through, from the smallest gestures to her sweeping acts. And that caring attitude naturally extended to her daughter and sons in-law .

Then came the third and fourth generation in her grandchildren and great grandchild, respectively, all of whom she carried from their infancy, two of whom are now already working.

Why has she lived this long?  It is because carrying people was her calling. And she did so with the most loving arms.

A quote from Mark Twain goes like this, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

She has long known why.

Part of the reason why she was able to carry three generations after her is because of the help she has received from relatives who have gone before her. She also draws strength from siblings of hers who are still around.

The Good Lord continues to bless her with good health and a strong will to continue her heroic act of carrying people in the way that only she knows how, with all the love and affection she has done so in the past.”

Well guess what, all mothers are carriers.  They are too stubborn to let go of caring for other people.  In a sense, they act like the strong shoulder to lean on for generations after them.  Oftentimes, they are inspirations and models of strength, courage, charity and faith.


They are also cited as bearing wisdom, especially when it comes to managing the family’s budget.  Knowing the family’s priorities she ensures that funds are available not only for today’s needs, but also for the future – even extending to the many grandchildren or great grandchildren after her.

As we end the month dedicated to mothers, we salute them and hold them in high regard.  Cheers!

​(Originally written by Efren Ll. Cruz, RFP at

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