Did you ever ask God what does he mean by having a child like faith? I did. I tried to search for answers and tried to ask adults about their view about this. Though I was able to get answers it seemed that it isn’t enough. But, just recently, I had a clear view of what a child like faith really is. Who will agree with me that the best way to know is to actually see it from a child?

It has been months since I started volunteering as a Kids Church teacher. It was actually through this that I was able to clearly see what God meant to have a child like faith. I noticed that…

Kids will just boldly ask what they want. They are very expectant to receive it. It seems that they are 100% sure that whatever they ask will be given to them.

Kids will continue running and playing around even if they stumble. They will even laugh at what happened then stand again as if nothing happened. Why? Because their desire to play is greater than the pain they felt. 

Lastly, kids believe what their ate, mama, papa or teacher said. They acknowledge authority. 

To have a child like faith mean, asking God with an expectant heart that it will be given (provided it is according to God’s will), standing firm and being focused with the goal no matter what happened along the way and lastly believing in God the One who holds the final and ultimate authority.

Are you believing for something today? Promotion, relationship or provision? Boldly approach God’s throne and have a child like faith!


Mica Austria studied at De la Salle- Lipa with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. She passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensure exam on October 2010. She worked as a senior associate in Isla Lipana & Co. Auditing Firm from October 2010 to May 2013. Afterwards, she worked as an audit supervisor in Cebu Pacific Air for one year before fully dedicating her time as a Financial Advisor. She chose to pursue this profession because of its mission and purpose in the society which is to uplift the lives of the Filipinos thru financial literacy and planning.

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