Rain is a symbol of benign cleansing, starting over, and wiping the slate clean. For those who study in schools that still follow the June to March school year, rain also signals a return to school after two seemingly long and unbearable months of basking in the sun.

Thanks to climate change, it can very well rain in February, March, or April, and it often does when you least expect it. Sometimes it’s a drizzle, sometimes it’s a heavy downpour. In the coming months, the La Niña weather phenomenon, where rain’s cleansing, starting over and wiping the slate clean symbolism turns destructive, is expected to replace El Niño. When exactly this change will happen is still anybody’s guess. Rain has become unpredictable.

But regardless of the month in the year, what is sure is that rain brings about change.

What we have to do is to prepare for change as it may come like the proverbial thief in the night. Several TV stations promote this state of readiness through public service ads on knowing the what, where, when, why and how during times when rain turns destructive.

Well guess what, life is also full of changes, of unpredictable bends.  While it is said that the only thing certain about change is change itself, there is one change that makes everything permanent, and that’s the end of life. Yet there is a way to manage this type of change that results in permanency; and it is probably the easiest way of all in managing change. That is toprepare for the end of life through life insurance.

Life insurance does not prevent us from dying. Life insurance, as one estate planning lawyer puts it, is like life’s airbag. Like an airbag, the premiums shelled out for the life insurance coverage are small.  But when the sudden stop to life occurs, that airbag of a life insurance immediately blows up to protect primarily the policyholder’s co-passengers in life from financial hardships that may arise from the loss of that policyholder’s earning capacity.

And should the sudden stop lead to temporary disability or lingering illness, the airbag of a life insurance will still blow up to provide support for the policyholder himself as well as his family members.

Change is coming, and it is not just because of the new President of the country. Change has always been coming. Our job is to manage that change by preparing for it. The earlier we attempt to manage change, the better and cheaper it becomes.

And what better way is there to manage change that leads to permanency in life than to get life insurance.

(Originally written by Efren Ll. Cruz, RFP at http://www.savingstips.com.ph)

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