FinancePH TV Ep. 1 – First Ever Episode

Here is the very first episode of FinancePH TV. Today we talk about why Estate Tax should be supported by every Filipino and why Income Tax should be lowered. This is our first episode so please bear with us as we try to improve our editing, intro sounds, animations and all other nice things in […]

Q&A: Will the proposed tax reform benefit Filipinos in general?

“Dear FinancePH, I was one of your attendees during your Income Tax 101 Seminar held in Makati and I thank you for your advocacy to help small time businessmen like us by providing affordable seminars. I admire your team’s dedication to your advocacy of erradicating poverty in the Philippines through financial literacy. During the introduction […]

Wise as the Three Kings

How many kings visited Jesus when he was born? Were these visitors kings in the first place? And what did their gifts mean? Wikipedia says that it was convenient for tradition to come up with three magi because there were three types of gifts. The word “magi” ultimately refers to the Persian priestly caste of […]

How Safe is Your ATM?

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about money. One of them is that ATMs are not safe because there are unsavory people out there trying to steal your information. While some people have reported their ATM accounts being skimmed, scammed, phished, and hacked, ATM machines are still largely safe to use. And with […]


First and foremost, the origin of money can be track thousands of years ago in which people use GOLD and SILVER BARS as their means of trading i.e., to buy and sell goods and services.​For many years, this kind of trading had been used to promote free enterprise amongst markets all over the world. Gold […]

9 Gigs To Monetize Your Car

There’s no question that car ownership incurs numerous expenses. Aside from the cost of fuel, there are toll fees, upgrade expenses, and maintenance and repair costs to name a few. In addition, it’s a well-known fact that cars depreciate in value through time. According to Consumer Reports, the life expectancy of a car is pegged at 8 years or […]

Eighty and Still Feisty

Worlds oldest supermodel, Daphne Selfe There is this grandmother who celebrated her eightieth birthday. I will quote part of the toast given her: “Her actions in life could have as well earned for her the moniker “the carrier”, and not of the sickness or air conditioner type. She carried the heart of her husband for […]

How My Coffee Changed The Way I See The Election

One day, while having a siesta on a nearby coffee shop, I was reminded of the bitter truth about myself as a Filipino. As I looked for an empty seat across the room, the receipt of the coffee I bought slipped away in my hands. I didn’t bother to pick it up since I was occupied […]

Solution to Increase Employment Rate: Centralized Job Database

If investments and cars are regulated, shouldn’t jobs also be monitored and regulated? The rising rate of unemployment has always been a rampant problem in our country.One of the factors that cause poverty is unemployment. It can either be the job is not available or the job available is not suitable for the jobseeker’s qualifications, […]