FinancePH TV Ep. 2 – Travel

On Episode 2 we discuss why travelling at a young age may not be good for you. Based on the article we found in Facebook, travelling less while you are young is the right way to go. Why? Watch our video to find out.

Why the Philippines Will Find It Hard To Be A Rich Nation

We have heard the news headlines recently. America and China trade war. America is accusing China that it is selling more products to the US than it is buying products from them. Why is the US concerned about this? You see the new war is not anymore the military war but the economic war. The country that […]

Five Things to Consider When Investing in Stocks

Nowadays, in what we so-called as the Technology or Worth noting indeed. However, despite the high returns one can get in stock investing, there is this big CAVEAT or warning also given the risks of losing, the fluctuations, the bearish periods, the heresies or hypes that can make your heart palpitate and your head go […]

5 Tips on How to Save Transportation Expenses

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Flower Power

​Many moons ago, I decided to buy flowers for my wife as a surprise. So while it was still dawn and my better half was still sleeping, I sneaked out of the house to purchase the blooms that would dazzle her as soon as she opened her eyes. You must understand though that I wanted […]

Banana Leaf for Pad Paper

We have heard of bananas being made into banana bread, banana split, banana-cue and many others.  But banana being used as pad paper?  Read the following English translation of the narration of Jhessa Balbastro of Barangay Bonotbonot, Buenavista, Bohol. Her story was used as part of the recent 3rd and final presidential debate. “We are poor and always […]