How Ordinary Event Brings Extraordinary Lesson

We commonly have a misconception that faith can only be exercised on a one time big time basis. But, we are wrong. Sometimes or most of the time, faith is tested in simple situations like being able to sit in mrt or ride in a bus that looks full.  Few nights ago, I was on […]

Why Do You Want To Be Successful?

I asked few of my friends the reason why they want to be successful. Majority of them told me that they want to be successful because they want to fulfill God’s calling into their lives. How about you why do you want to be successful? But first, how do you define success? For me, success […]

Ambition, Desire And Purpose

Just recently, my partner gave me a copy of an audio book that talks about ambition. It says that ambition is an eager desire to want something. While listening to this, a question came to my mind. What is that something I eagerly desire? Honestly, I wasn’t able to answer that question.  Looking back at my […]