Eighty and Still Feisty

Worlds oldest supermodel, Daphne Selfe There is this grandmother who celebrated her eightieth birthday. I will quote part of the toast given her: “Her actions in life could have as well earned for her the moniker “the carrier”, and not of the sickness or air conditioner type. She carried the heart of her husband for […]

How My Coffee Changed The Way I See The Election

One day, while having a siesta on a nearby coffee shop, I was reminded of the bitter truth about myself as a Filipino. As I looked for an empty seat across the room, the receipt of the coffee I bought slipped away in my hands. I didn’t bother to pick it up since I was occupied […]

Solution to Increase Employment Rate: Centralized Job Database

If investments and cars are regulated, shouldn’t jobs also be monitored and regulated? The rising rate of unemployment has always been a rampant problem in our country.One of the factors that cause poverty is unemployment. It can either be the job is not available or the job available is not suitable for the jobseeker’s qualifications, […]

When Promos are No No’s

You have just received your 13th month pay.  Or perhaps you also received a bonus on top of it.  This is what you had been waiting for.  When combined with what you had set aside for several months now, you can finally make the down payment on that dream car of yours.​STOP! Think things through first. You […]

Tips On Decision Making (Faith @ Work)

Have you ever had a hard time in choosing what food to eat given the variety of choices? Are you struggling whether to resign in your current job or not? Are you planning for a vacation yet doesn’t know where to go? Or you’re just in a point in your life right now that you […]

Budget to Budge It

Katy Perry might as well have been asking this question to a person who does not live by a budget, “Do you ever feel like a paper bag drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?” One sure way of getting unstuck from a financial rut is to make a budget and stick to it.A […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping

There are many summer time sale offers, whether your interest is in video games, electronics, traveling abroad, or shoes. The combination of these sales, your monthly salary, and either a personal triumph or a personal failure may just breed the habit of retail therapy in you. Retail therapy is defined as “the act of shopping or […]

Childlike Faith

Did you ever ask God what does he mean by having a child like faith? I did. I tried to search for answers and tried to ask adults about their view about this. Though I was able to get answers it seemed that it isn’t enough. But, just recently, I had a clear view of […]

Instead of Renting, Just Buy…or Should I

There is a theory in behavioral economics that states that a lot of what we believe in emanated from a thought that was first introduced to us.  This thought became our belief even though it was not our preference. There is another theory in behavioral economics that says we put more value on the things […]