A birthday gift need not be expensive to be appreciated. 

My mentor recently had her birthday and it has been my personality to give inexpensive but highly appreciated birthday gifts. I read a book that states that birthday gifts should exhibit surprise and delight tactics. 

So what we did was to surprise her on her birthday. She lives in Sucat and most of he people she mentors are from the north. Yet we woke up early, met 5:30 AM in Shell and stormed to her house early in the morning bringing birthday cakes. 

We knocked and sang our hearts out a happy birthday song. I’m very sure the cake was inexpensive but it was our effort that made her day priceless. 

Remember it’s not the price that counts when giving a gift, it’s about knowing what makes her happy and doing it with an element of surprise and delight.



Mark Joseph T. Fernandez, CPA, RFC, AFA is the founder of FinancePH and is one of the top financial advisors of Insular Life. He has helped hundreds of people start saving, investing and insuring. Reach him at mjtfernandez@gmail.com.

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