Just recently, my partner gave me a copy of an audio book that talks about ambition. It says that ambition is an eager desire to want something. While listening to this, a question came to my mind. What is that something I eagerly desire? Honestly, I wasn’t able to answer that question. 

Looking back at my highschool days, I remembered having no clear ambition at all. In fact, as far as I could remember, when I was asked what ambition I would want to be written in our yearbook I said, “ito na lang ilagay mo sa kin para safe, ‘to be somebody someday’,” During my graduating year, when almost everyone is starting their college application, here I was not knowing what course to take. My father wanted me to become a lawyer hence I took B.S. Accountancy. I never knew anything about the course nor its subjects. What I only knew is that after passing the board exam you will eventually become rich. Most people in our barangay would tell me, “isang pirma mo lang mayaman ka na.” I was really excited back then. Not because it was my ambition to become an accountant but because of the fact that it was easy for an accountant to earn money. Honestly, I was thrilled by this idea. Thinking that by becoming an accountant I will be able to give my family a comfortable living. 

After passing the board exam, I started working in an auditing firm. I did not know that it was that tiring but also rewarding. During these days, reality just opened my mind. It was not that easy for an accountant to earn money. It will take years of hardwork, patience and dedication. It will take you several years of experience and sleepless nights before being able to sign a financial statement and be paid by clients. I wanted to be a manager of that firm before, but then plans change. I wanted to try other field. So I resigned after two and a half years of working. I went to a private company and after a year I resigned. I just remembered my sister telling me, “parang ang dali sa mga edad nyo na magresign na lang basta basta noh?”. The truth is, it is never easy to resign. Why? It is because of the fear of the unknown. I guess, ito talaga nangyayari kapag wala kang goal/ambition. Para kang kuneho na patalon talon lang from one place to another. 

After a year of working in that private company, I chose to resign and move to Insular Life. I transferred because of the flexible schedule it offered me. I can study, serve and work at my own pacing. I, actually, celebrated my first year anniversary last August 1 (congratulations to me). To tell you frankly, I had a difficult time adjusting. From being an office girl to becoming a Financial Advisor. From writing financial statement and audit report to presentation of proposals to clients. From being at the back office to being placed in the front row. The cycle was entirely different. Plus my personality (phlegmatic) was not that fitting to the job. That is why there are times, when I asked God is this the right place for me? Guess what’s His answer, “I am with you always”. How many of you would agree that when we’re seeking God for answers, He usually won’t answer our question but would remind us of His promises.

Within this year, I received a lot of job offers. It is as if accounting wants me back (haha). But then, I was constantly reminded of the reason why I was here. Initially, it was only because of the time. But now, it was also because of the people. The people who trusted me, who will eventually trust me and who will never stop trusting me with their financial goals. So as long as there are people who continuously trust me, I will still be here.

As I am writing this article, honestly, I still cannot identify what my specific ambition is. But, things seemed to unfold itself. Taking one step at a time and trusting God more and more even if things are not as clear as I wanted them to be. 

How bout you what is your ambition? What are yours goals? I guess, it is now time for me to write down my ambition. It may also be the right time for you to do the same. And after writing, go and reach that goal! Set the target and hit the bull’s eye! 

Lastly, ambition follows purpose, not our own purpose but God’s purpose. But just a reminder, always involve God. He has the final say. Do whatever God pleases you to do. 🙂


Mica Austria studied at De la Salle- Lipa with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. She passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensure exam on October 2010. She worked as a senior associate in Isla Lipana & Co. Auditing Firm from October 2010 to May 2013. Afterwards, she worked as an audit supervisor in Cebu Pacific Air for one year before fully dedicating her time as a Financial Advisor. She chose to pursue this profession because of its mission and purpose in the society which is to uplift the lives of the Filipinos thru financial literacy and planning.

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